Friday, June 10, 2011

WHEW! We're moved!

We've had two dinner parties, I've worked every single day since we moved in, and spent our first weekend out of town!

We've got a new garage door (still have to paint trim)...

 We've demolished an entire wall in the kitchen and moved the fridge into the former pantry, and also created a window into the family room. 

 I love the fact that we've made this house the home we've dreamed of with only a few changes!! 

So this open concept kitchen will have a half wall to the left over there, the plumbing was redirected to accommodate it.  where the back of that cabinet is, all of that will become a peninsula/island type thing, I am just considering ideas for how to design that space.  On the inside of this room, where the hardwood is will be a very small 2 love seat and a TV tea for two type space + breakfast bar + homework  counter + baking cookies + crafty kids on bar stools counter space + ... you get the picture!!

Here's the other side of the kitchen peninsula/island.  

Because we lived in a bedroom for a month, (not easy!) I had packed and purged to the basic necessities... and now, we're still living off of those necessities.  The only thing I've unpacked are toys and all her books (for my 3 year old), the TV cable boxes, phones, and the computer.  I don't really plan on unpacking any more until our changes/demolition and rebuilding and painting are done so I can put them straight from the box into their new clean home.  

Now tell me... the box with neon pink duct tape around it... where is it?  It's got my paper trimmer, ATG gun, and fave croppin clippers in there - go figure, I can find the antique clock I got as a birthday gift from an old aunty who was re-gifting her belongings, and the little picture hanging hooks, but not the only box with pink neon duct tape around it!!!

Stay tuned as I eventually get to show you my new craft cockpit!  I've got more than 15 boxes that I've counted so far, plus shelves, my table, air compressor etc etc...  I'll be honest, my old table looks really tiny resting in my new space!!  I need to frame in the basement in that section to get stuff up on the walls - but I'm suuuper excited about that winter project :)

Stay tuned...

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