Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diva's heart-cookie treat purses ...and Moving, Celebrating, Career-changing and Reuniting with old friends!

So much going on! My subject line says it all!! I'll be delinquent a little longer until that for sale sign goes up!! Half my house is moving into storage on Monday, my bedroom is being painted on Tuesday and I have a crazy-life-alteringly important interview on Wednesday!!  Plus Valentines Day with a two year old, Hubby's bday next week, Mom's bday last week and ... well, I'm tired and my craft-cockpit is now surrounded by construction - arrrgh!!!!

In the meantime, my two bestest friends in the world (since grade 2) are both having huge celebrations today - one beating disease and the other re-patriating to Canada after almost 15 years, getting married in August and today is her birthday!!!!  Both such fantastic celebration!  I cannot wait to have all those heart to hearts and wedding planning conversations with her and catching up after all these years without long distance charges or the confines of email!  And I am so thrilled to have my other bestest buddy healthier than she has been in the last three years!!

Here are some heart-cookie treat boxes 
I made up for our Diva Brunch - celebrating her healthfulness and LOVE!

I basically got these delectable cookies for $4.99 a box. I then put two cookies in a zip lock baggie and kept cutting down my template until it could fold up as a box, snugly against the cookies but not too tight. Then I evened out the measurements for cutting and scoring.  Once complete, I added ribbon handles, paper accents, used my ATG gun for strong adhesion and added my little pretty things and ta daa... aren't these little boxes/purses cute - all made from scrap paper, ribbon and embellies - priceless!!!

I made about 20 of then in about 3 hours.

Have an awesome, love-filled, friendship-embraced, blissful day!

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