Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movin on up!

I can't believe it! Our home sold in an hour! 

 Well, technically it took two days of paperwork and counter-offers but one hour into the first day of our first open house - we got an offer above what we were asking and ultimately sold to them!! Whew! I'm not going to pretend it wasn't a mountain of work, butit obviously paid off! Now I've got until the end of this month to get out of here and we haven't begun looking for where we're going to move yet!

I've started a new job, am taking a course online which is more work than I'd thought and have no house, no new house, and my baby turned THREE!  Okay, needless to say my Craft Cockpit was packed and purged and whittled town to the absolute bare essentials.  My dear friend is getting married in August so I'll be focusing my creative energies on getting her ready for her big day so unfortunately, until we're in our new home, you may not hear too much from me  on the crafty side of things :(

So sad, I miss you guys!!  But needless to say, I still have my computer so I'll be browsing and learning in the meantime so I'll have lots of great things to try when I am back in business!


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