Monday, June 3, 2013

Peg Board - yay!

So I did it! I started scrap booking after 2.5 years of being packed away in boxes!!

And I hated it! I had to keep standing up to get things and my flow just wasn't there. Time to do something about that...

Ha! Power tools! The kiddies were asleep, I was awake (rare miracle) and I got cutting. I didn't wait for Daddy, but we'd talked about it so I just did it with no one around to interrupt me!

Ta daa!!! All done. Now everything I need is at my fingertips!! Now for the time.....

Cute stuff doesn't give me much of that, but he does give me some really great pictures ;)

Otherwise, I've got my Silhouette digital craft cutter up, my files updated on the dedicated craft computer, a printer/scanner/copier hooked up and in working order, and all software up to date. I can now move the computer down to the Craft Studio without wifi. I'll have to old school it now with the good ole USB stick from now on :)

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