Friday, August 24, 2012

Drywall prepped, craft room looking great!

Have I mentioned how much I love Kijiji? I priced out cabinets from ILEA, and the HomeDepot truck load event where 30x30w and 30x15w cabinets sell for $99 and then I got lucky. There was an ad for an 80x30w tall cabinet in white for $40 - a great start, right? I inquired about it and the seller said he was redoing his kitchen. I asked if he had upper cabinets and he measured them all right there on the phone... His vision of using the upper cabinets in his basement quickly became hey! If you want my uppers, I can use the tall cabinet!! A win/win situation since I paid $30 per cabinet, rounding my total to gas for pickup, my time and $150. That's s pretty big price difference, no?? Yippieee!!! Now to clean them up and redo my cabinet layout now that I know what sizes I have!

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