Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Craft Studio!

So here I am, 38 weeks and very pregnant and we decide that since baby will be taking over the guest room, it would be nice to start finishing the basement and create a new guest room space, so MIL can visit for weekends still.  Well... one thing led to another and all of a sudden the priority is no longer a guest room but a craft room for me!!! This is a birthday present from my DH, and he's not skimping!  We're talking sub floor cause my feet are always cold, and insulation since it's against an outside wall, and drywalled ceiling since I want to paint it... all under the guise of a birthday present :)  I know in my heart it's really a push present, a place that's all mine, and really a place for me to escape two little ones, to spend some time crafting!  I'm off for a year on maternity leave, and my oldest starts JK so I may just have a couple hours here and there to enjoy this new space!

Imagine a turquoise ceilings with a chandelier
and all white cabinets :)
OMG!  A little too busy but WOWWW!

I haven't had a dedicated craft space since December 2011... when we packed up our old house for sale!  BOO....

My beloved Craft Cockpit... ahhh.. the memories....

...look to the left...

... my cockpit, everything within arms reach ...
... and look to the right.

As of yesterday, the entire area (and guest room) of my NEW Craft Studio is studded, and my craft area has insulation and as of today, the drywall is up!!  WOO HOO!  I've put my inner architect to work and laid out the best value for space/cost in terms of shelving and upper cabinets without sacrificing wishes and most importantly HOW I work... and although it's totally a dream come true... and still feels surreal... I am uuuuber excited!
What's more exciting... baby coming any second... or my craft room progress... hmmm ;)
I think there are 19 unopened boxes from my old Craft Cockpit !!

Have a wonnnnderful day!

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