Saturday, February 2, 2013

A peek....

I've been sorting and packaging and getting ready for next week Sunday's auction and man, I've got a lot of stuff!!  I'm thinking these embellishments should go five for a dollar or ten of these baggies for a dollar, any thoughts?  There are some punches for sale peeking at you as well!  Remember, everything's a dollar unless it's in the auction!

If you are interested in Creative Memories post bound white page refills, I have about 5 packs... Please email me privately so I can ensure they'll be used and will go to a good home... $1 each pack - a steal!!   :)

Auction Alert: 
Bids start at $5, email your bids directly to me 
with the subject line:
Cruise Album
  The highest bidder wins!

This 12x12 authentic album has the name of most major cruise lines (not just Carnival for that window) and cost me $29.99USD  I also have the paper pack but the paper pack is not part of the auction unless you want to make me an offer *after* you win this auction, I can certainly use the cruise paper but not a whole album.  Wait till you see how thick my albums are - LOL!


  1. Wow you have been a busy girl! I wish I lived closer cause I'd be waiting at the curb on auction day, LOL!! Good luck!!

  2. Heh heh! If you win an auction, I'll ship the item to you at your cost :) ... not the paper stackers though, they're huge!


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