Monday, February 11, 2013

Sticky Stuff... Adhesives

So, I've gotten the question numerous times, why did you sell off all your adhesives?? Well, I found the most economical, great sticking scrapbook-safe adhesive that works on paper, chipboard, cardboard, ribbons, and buttons too!!!

Don't be intimidated by it's size, not only is is comfortable to use, it's accurate, and lasts pretty long before a refill is needed and can't get list on your table! Other than foam squares to raise things on cards, this satisfies ALL my adhesive needs!

It's the Scotch ATG 714!

I buy my refill rolls in Markham, in bulk, at NHS Media, click here, Don't worry, they ship all over!! If you're a scrapbooker though, I'd recommend the acid free Gold version which I use click here.

But you've seen this before in pink, right?! 

... at Michaels!!! ... And you've got a 40% off coupon... 

Exactly! Back in scrappy history, some crafty gal met a photo framer and saw their endless adhesive gliding out of the ATG gun and said hey! I want one! One thing led to another, and 3M developed the acid free adhesive (gold) for scrapbookers!  But the demand was great! I bought the original red ATG 714 before the pink version and I changed the colour and blinged it up... See pics below :)

But back to the pink... Did you know that the 3M Corp is offering its support to breast cancer research through donations to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation from the sale of its pink ATG gun? For each gun sold, the company will donate $1.20 to the foundation, with a minimum donation of $25,000.  That's a great reason to save money on adhesives, save plastic in landfills, and support a great cause!

Here's my pre-pink altering adventures in pictures :)


And take a look at the astronomical cost of adhesives!!


And ta daaa!!!  My blinged out ATG gun!

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