Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fancy princess crowns

Like most great creations nowadays, this idea started with something on Pinterest. I'm a crazy mad pinner because there are so many fantastic ideas out there, and truthfully, night feedings with the baby are the perfect time to browse Pinterest.

So next month I'm hosting a Fancy Soirée for my daughters 5th birthday party. It's a fancy, princess, tea party and birthday theme all rolled into a fun few hours. The "fancy" being the key word since my daughter thinks Fancy Nancy is too cool!

So along with such a party theme, are of course boas and fancy sun spectacles, and the list goes on... But what's a fancy lady without a crown right?

Okay.... So here's my crowning glory project:

My plan however is to remove the pins once it's stiff enough. Then I'll paint on a layer of modge podge and let it dry. Then I'll spray paint each one with the silver spray paint I have left over from a mirror project I did :)

I'll post the finished product in a few weeks.

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