Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sneak Peek #8 - Pretties

OOOhhh embellies!!  So exciting and so so sooooo many!!!  
Here are just some of the things I'll have available.

They're going 10 for $1 so make sure to come early for the best of the best!!!

ribbons, lots!!

cute containers,

cool stuff,

envelope maker,

more ribbons,

pretty things...

Remember everything is a dollar 
unless multiple items are grouped for $1 
or the item is being auctioned.

Auction alert:
Bids start at $5, email your bids directly to me
with the subject line:
Wall Ribbon Holder
The highest bidder wins!
(Updates will be occasionally posted 
in the comments below this post.)

Details and a better picture here.


  1. Wow! $15 bid right off the bat! Thanks Sue :)

  2. ok, I officially can't breathe. I'm gonna have to avoid your blog until after your big tag sale, I just can't take these teases!! Oh how I wish you were closer - no fair!!! (but wishing you good luck!)


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